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Craft your blade. Fight your friends. Come out on top.

Craft your sword and face off against friends or foes in the battle royale card game, Reforge! Build a weapon using a variety of colorfully animated blades, grips, and guards. Use gadgets to turn the tides of battle in your favor. Reforge to power up.

Reforge features over 50 pieces of gorgeous original artwork that collide to make whimsically odd weapon combinations.

Will you fight using the uber-powerful Compensator?

Will you scrounge and fight with the jagged glass edges of the Late Night?

Will you use the disarming cuteness of the highly defensive Goodboye?

You’ll need luck and strategy to come out on top in the battle royale card game, Reforge!

Preorders now live!

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Forge your weapon!


Use gadgets to turn the tides!


Defend yourself with shields!


Reforge to upgrade your attack dice!



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